1million pamphlets
Dawah Pamphlets

One Million Pamphlets

In the beginning of 2013, IDCA (with the help of other organisations) initiated the "One Million Pamphlets" project. This was the largest pamphlet distribution initiative in Australia to date, with distribution intended for: Masajid, Centres, Universities, street Dawah projects and more all over Australia. The printing and distribution costs were raised through the community who made the project a large success. Distribution even reached a global scale, with deliveries to countries such as Scandinavia, New Zealand and Fiji. Over 170, 000 pamphlets have been distributed already.

These pamphlets cover the basics of Islam and aim to counter the negative image of Islam that has been propagated by the media, as well as pamphlets for the education of Muslims. Topics include Tawheed, Women's Rights, Extremism, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), Prayer, Riba and more.

External Charity and Outreach Projects
Syria fundraising
Support Aisha

Throughout the end of 2013 IDCA established the "Support A'isha" program which was dedicated to supporting the Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. The living conditions of these refugees were horrific. It was a common sight to see small shacks serving as housing for far too many people than could comfortably fit and often for inflated rental prices. One case saw a bathroom also serving as the laundry and kitchen! Through community support, IDCA was able to raise the funds to help hundreds of families in need. They provided food, clothing, nappies, blankets, clothing and gifts for children to mark Eid, money for medical aid, rent, support for disabled and crippled people and more. IDCA has distributed over $xxxxx in aid to the Syrian refugees.
Somalia relief
IDCA has been continuously organising and providing humanitarian assistance needed in the world at large. As well as the Syrian refugee crisis, IDCA has answered calls of assistance to:

•    The Indonesian Tsunami Relief
•    The Horn of Africa Famine project
•    Ongoing sponsorship of orphans in Lebanon, Somalia and Rwanda.
•    The local community, with support for needy families and fundraising for organisations and masajid across Australia. In the past 2 years, IDCA has helped other Muslim organisations raise over 4 million dollars (AUD).