Build the masjid

Build the Masjid Project

Through the grace of Allah, IDCA purchased a land in the heart of a thriving Muslim community. A temporary structure was erected to immediately service community needs and now plans are underway to develop the full-fledged permanent structure which will be the hub of the community.

Expand Street dawah
Expansion of Street Dawah

New Areas
IDCA is looking to expand the street dawah program to non-Muslims in other Sydney localities. Areasknown for a dominant Anglo-Saxon middle-classwill be given priority. The aim is to deliver Islam’s true message and dispelcommon misconceptions of Islam fed throughWestern media to these communities.

Dawah Van

IDCA also plans to dedicate a sizablevan for the specific purposes of street dawah. IDCA’s previous van served both as a logistical tool to transport materials required for street dawah and as a mobile billboard for raising public awareness about Islam. IDCA has since donated this van to another Islamic organisation who had a pressing need of it in the city of Brisbane. Our broader aim however, is to purchase a larger van which has more capacity for the ever increasing logistics of dawah in the Sydney area.
Train the Du’aat
As part of IDCA’s future prospects, in partnership, new and current brothers in dawah will be required to train for dawah and develop their preaching manners and knowledge through intensive courses. This effort will include documenting past dawah experiences and developing an understanding of what practices work best. IDCA is also committed to bringing knowledgeable speakers and orators to assist in training the Du’aat and helping them engage with the general public.
Islam Back to Basics

New Muslim Support

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace and Will of Allah, IDCA has seen an increasing number of reverts and Muslims coming back to the path of Islam through the street dawah program and,talks and lectures. With this blessing comes a need for a new program specifically catering new Muslims. A plan is underway to start weekly classes aimed at teaching tawheed, the pillars of Islam and Iman for anyone 15 years and above. These classes will contain practical and theoretical components and will include teaching students the etiquettes associated with prayer and purification including,wudu and ghusl. Students will also be taught how to recite and understand the meaning of some of the short surahs from Juz-Amma.
Furthermore, IDCA has developed a New Muslim Kit which is a gift pack for new Muslims which contains a compact booklet explaining the importance of prayers and its rulings, a prayer DVD and a prayer mat designed with graphical representations outlining the steps and actions of the prayer.

Back to Basics Website

Complementing the New Muslim Support program, IDCA is planning a dedicated website which contains valuable information on the fundamentals of Islam. All those wishing to learn about Islam can refer to the website in addition to attending classes. The website will be categorised by Islamic topics which include:
•    Aqeedah (Creed)
•    Belief in Allah
•    Belief in the Angels
•    Belief in the Books
•    Belief in the Prophets and Messengers
•    Belief in the Hereafter (Paradise and Hellfire)
•    Belief in the Divine Decree
•    Fiqh (Understanding)
•    Prayer (Including Purification)
•    Zakat (and Sadaqaah)
•    Fasting (Obligatory and Optional)
•    Hajj (Brief overview)

Dawah Printing and Distribution

Over the years, IDCA has seen a steady growth in the demand for booksand dawah materials including pamphlets, CDs, DVDs as well as copies of the Qur’an (both English and other translations). IDCA aims to be at the distribution forefront, providing dawah material to cater to Islamic organisations, masajid and educational bodies through its own printing and duplication equipment, accessories, and facilities. To help fund this responsibility, with the help of Allah, IDCA plans to raise the necessary funds required to upgrade its current printing and CD/DVD duplication equipment, which will make way for rapid delivery and distribution.