History - Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia


The Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia (IDCA) is an Islamic charity organisation based in Sydney’s south west. IDCA has been in operation since 1998, servicing the local (Sydney, NSW) and international communities. During this time, IDCA has accomplished a solid foundation by working in the fields of spiritual, social, educational and provisional developments.

It commenced its humble beginnings at 29 Elm Road Auburn in 1998 when a house was made available by a member of the community to assist the organisation in its early stages. A group of dedicated and sincere brothers gave birth to IDCA intending to reach out to the youth and the wider Islamic community.

Muslim youth in the community were immersed in an environment of drugs, gang activity, violence and corruption, and there was a distinct lack of English da’wah so IDCA saw a great need to call the youth back to Islam. IDCA opened a bookstore in the year 2000 to provide a means for Muslims in the community to attain reliable Islamic literature and increase the level of Islamic knowledge. IDCA has also been facilitating yearly events and conferences with multiple international speakers, and initiated a Quran school (2003) and Shariah college (2007) for Children as a means to instil the correct Islamic mentality in the youth. A location for jumuah prayer was secured in the nearby suburb of Chester Hill which continues until this day.

IDCA’s humble beginnings gave birth to significant community initiatives which had a real effect on the community but further expansion was limited mainly due to council restrictions and finances.

The year 2010 however, was destined to change all of IDCA’s previous hurdles through the ‘Build the Masjid’ project. A council approved block of land was purchased in the heart of the Auburn/Regents Park area. This project gave birth to Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq. A temporary building was erected on the land just after settlement of purchase, to not only host ongoing worshippers to the Masjid but to also accommodate a variety of different services that IDCA offers to the community until finances for the overall construction of Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq are gathered.