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The IDCA Academy

By the Grace of Allah, IDCA has a range long running and successful programs for the education of children. These programs are described below. For more information on syllabus, enrolment etc please refer to the "Lessons" section of the website.

Sunday Quran School
Children’s Qur’an School

Currently in its 10th year of operation, the IDCA Academy operates through a custom designed syllabus adapted to cater for individuals from a range of backgrounds. Students progress through the program which is primarily designed to enable them to make the transition from having little or no knowledge of Arabic, to an eventual recitation of the Qur’an with articulation and confidence, having correctly acquired and applied the rules of tajweed.

Kids shariah
Children’s Shari’ah Course

This course is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 11. It is a 2-year foundational program, which has a broader aim of cultivating essential Islamic teachings in our children and developing an appreciation for and a clear understanding of their Islamic identity. These elements are essential to providing direction for our youth who live in a society where their Islamic background maybe viewed as foreign, and to enable them the ability to live in harmony with others guided by the light of Islam.

Children's Quran Classes

These classes are for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 11 years. Two different classes are conducted to accommodate the various cognitive and skill levels of students and include:
•    Beginner class
•    Intermediate class

Children’s Advanced Memorisation Class

This course is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 10. It concentrates on aiding the children to memorise the noble Quran.

Women’s Qur’an Class

This class is open for females from the ages of 13 years and above. The class is specifically designed to teach sisters the basics of Qur’an recitation with proper tajweed. It is perfectly suited for those who know the basics and want to know how to read..

Women’s Morning Class

This is a free class designed to teach a broad range of Islamic concepts, including 'aqeedah, fiqh,  seerah and other general knowledge. The class runs during the school term in the mornings, perfect for mothers and young women alike.

Men’s Qur’an Classes

These classes are for males from the ages of 16 years and above of different educational levels and include:
•    Beginner - Ahkam, tajweed and memorisation
•    Advanced Qur’an Class

Men’s Fiqh & Seerah Classes

These structured fiqh and seeriah classes are designed to teach men the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), including the correct methods of purification and prayer and the biographies of some of the greatest personalities in Islamic history.

Youth Program
Teenage Youth Program

This is a free program run on the weekends for boys aged 12 and up. The program aims to educate the youth in matters of 'aqeedah, fiqh, seerah and etiquette, with occasional outings.

Friday Night
Friday Night Lectures

Attracting over 250 people each week from various social and cultural backgrounds, Friday night lectures have been a cornerstone of IDCA’s dawah programs. Weekly lectures began in 1998 with the aim of helping Sydney Muslim youths struggling to find inner peace and happiness through Islamic teachings.
Today, IDCA’s weekly lectures attract not only Muslim youths, but also Muslim adults and non-Muslims seeking the path of Islamic spiritual guidance. In a comfortable atmosphere and in the company of many well-known speakers, social and religious issues such as the following are addressed: Tawheed (Oneness of God), the importance of prayers, the hereafter, marriage in Islam, Muslim identity, life’s evils, depression and its remedies, family life, preparing for Ramadaan, and many others. Each weekly lecture is broadcasted and streamed live on the internet through platforms such as Live Stream.

street dawah
Street Dawah

With the commitment to deliver and nurture the true understanding of Islam through the Qur’an and Sunnah, IDCA takes to the streets at various areas in Sydney providing both Muslims and Non-Muslims with da’wah pamphlets, audio CDs and books in an effort to provide seekers of truth with the right tools for ultimate spiritual guidance and understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
To date, hundreds of individuals have reverted to Islam with thousands more of the general population being made aware and educated about Islam and its true teachings. This is an effort is to combat the unfair and negative view Islam is given by Western media. IDCA also provides dawah material to other Islamic organisations across Australia, including universities and masajid, supporting their initiatives and dawah programs for non-Muslims. In 2012, IDCA produced over half a million dawah pamphlets and tens of thousands of dawah CDs. The following year, IDCA produced a further one million pamphlets, hundreds of thousands of which have already been distributed.

Prayers jummah
Daily Prayers & Friday Congregational Prayers

The IDCA building on Chisholm Rd offers the five daily prayers required of every Muslim in congregation. It also offers the Friday congregational prayers. As IDCA serves a large Muslim community, IDCA has been conducting Friday prayers in two locations, at both Auburn and Chester Hill since 2008. Each week, over 1,000 worshippers choose to attend these venues due of the ease of parking and convenient locations being away from busy streets and shops. The sermons at both venues are delivered by a range of speakers discussing a variety of relevant issues such as tawheed, current affairs, realities of this world and the hereafter, remembrance of Allah, and many others

Guest Speakers and Orators

Since its establishment, IDCA has invited many well-known local and international speakers for various dawah projects, inclduing the Friday Night Talks, Jumuah Khutbah and special events. These projects have attracted both Muslims and non-Muslims seeking a true understanding of Islam and its spiritual guidance. Among many, these speakers include:

Local & Interstate Guests

•   Abu Ahmad (Director of IDCA)
•   Belal Assad
•   Omar Marzouk
•   Waseem Razvi
•   Samir “Abu Hamzah” Mohtadi
•   Arshad Khan
•   Bilal Dannoun
•   Abdulghani Albaf
•   Jihad Saleh
•   Zaid Muhammad
•   Mohammed Zaoud
•   Mazen El-Bizri
•   Zakir Naik (India)
•   Muhammad A. Al-Akkas (Saudi Arabia)
•   Abdullah Hakim Quick (South Africa)
•   Abdul Malik Claire (Visually Impaired) (Canada)
•   Muhammad Al-Shareef (Canada)
•   Navaid Aziz (Canada)
•   Imran – Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui (India)
•   Abdul Latif Al-Shagrawi (Saudi Arabia)
•   Muhammed Al Jibali (Saudi Arabia)
•   Muhammad Al Luhaidan (Saudi Arabia)
•   Nasser Al-Hamad (Saudi Arabia)
•   Mutah “Napoleon” Beale (USA)
•   Yusha Evans (USA)
•   Siraj Wahaj (USA)
•   Yusuf Estes (USA)
•   Mohamed Beshir (Canada)
•   Abdul Raheem Green (UK)
•   Muhammad Abdul Jabbar (UK)
•   Comedian Baba Ali (USA)

Ramadaan Taraweeh & Eid Prayers

Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq (Chisholm Rd Auburn) is open every night for the Taraweeh prayers during the blessed month of Ramadaan. The last 10 nights also include Tahajjud (late night prayers) for both men and women and I'tikaf, and facilities are provided to cater demand. After the end of Ramadan, Eid prayers are held at Mona Park (Chisholm Road Auburn) to serve the Auburn locality, followed by a celebration with fun for the whole family

Mentoring and Counselling

IDCA understands that life can draw personal and physical strains on individuals through the stresses of work, family commitments or other problems. IDCA is also focused at providing various counselling and mentoring services to all needy members of the Muslim community. These services include:
•    Marriage Counselling
•    People & Relationships
•    Health & Wellbeing
•    Trauma, abuse and depression
•    Spiritual guidance
•    Other emotional, mental health or adjustment difficulties
These consultation-free services are given either in person or over the phone to individuals unable to attend the centre in person.

ummah fitness
Ummah Fitness Centre (Gym)

As part of IDCA’s continued expansion, in September 2012, the Ummah Fitness Centre was established. The gym provides a safe and trouble-free environment for not only the youth, but mature members as well. The gym is located within the vicinity of the masjid and is open six days a week. It is equipped with health and training equipment, as well as an open mat area for special sports and exercises such as:
•    Children's Taekwondo
•    Children's / Teenagers' Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)