Objectives & Strategies - Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia

Objectives & Strategies

IDCA proposes to develop an encompassing infrastructure to accommodate the growing services and community commitments. The mosque and community centre, God willing, will be a hub of activity involving worship, education, social issues and special needs development. This project will be ongoing and reviewed regularly as the need for services become apparent.


IDCA believes in an holistic approach to community welfare. Providing grass-root operational procedures to enhance the well being of all people.

These include the following strategic points:

  • Uphold Honesty, Integrity and Moral Ethics.
  • Youth Counseling and Support.
  • Promote the Authentic Understanding of Religious Development.
  • Sport & Recreational Facilities.
  • Advancement of Social, Cultural & Religious Education.
  • Benevolent relief for the Poor and Needy.
  • Provide services for those with special needs.