About the Islamic Pamphlets Project:
  • Project established Sept. 2006
  • 1,000,000+ pamphlets printed so far
  • Many more titles to come inshaAllah
  • Distributed across Australia & abroad
  • Pamphlets are Islamically verified by a Shaykh (if you are going to modify any of the pamphlet content, we ask that you get it verified by a Shaykh

IDCA provides Dawah Pamphlets to the following places and groups:

  • Universities for Islamic Awareness Weeks.
  • Shops.
  • Street Dawah Groups.
  • Various Masjid's and Centres around Australia.

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1. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

brief illustrated guide to Islam 

2. About Islam


3. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

03. The Prophet Muhammad 

4. The Hijab - Reflections by Muslim Women


5. Misconceptions About Islam


6. Oneness of God


7. The Importance of Prayer


8. The Qur'an - The Final Revelation to Mankind


9. The Mercy of Allah (God)


10. The 5 Pillars of Islam

10.5 Pillars of Islam

11. Science in Islam

11. Science in Islam

12. Jesus in Islam

12. Jesus in Islam

13. Islam is not a Religion of Extremism

12. Islam is not an extreme religion

14. The Burqa & Niqab

14. The Burqa & Niqab

15. Death & the Hereafter

15. Death and the Hereafter

16. Islam Q & A

16. Islam Q & A

17. Traps of Satan

17. The Traps of Satan

18. The Purpose of Life

18. The Purpose of Life

19. Prophethood in Islam

19. Prophethood in Islam

20. Riba

20. Riba in Islam

21. Islam 4 Kids

21. Islam 4 Kids