The Essentials of Worship - Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia

The Essentials of Worship

IDCA Academy Presents:

The Essentials of Worship – Fiqh Class

A detailed course for both men and women into how to correctly perform acts of worship.

This term the Fiqh course will cover the following topics:

Chapter of Salat (Prayer)

Join us as we look to learn about the 2nd Pillar of Islam- As Salat.

Learn about the virtues of Prayer, its conditions, pillars and how it is to be performed.

We will also be covering the Rulings relating to the Iqaamah and many more important rules and regulations regarding the Prayer.

Access to previous lessons if needed.

After Maghrib Prayer
Teacher: Ust Mazen El-Bizri

Address: Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq – 361 Chisholm Rd, Auburn

Segregated areas for Men & Women

Fees Apply

For registrations and more info call (02) 9738 7700 or 0410 006 660